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UFC® Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System in Development on Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStation®Move for PS3™ and Wii™


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In addition, users may focus on specific fitness objectives by building personalized routines with up to 12 different exercises. Each of the custom routines can be modified to increase or decrease intensity of the products pre-set pace, enabling users to fully maximize their training experiences based on individual preferences. Across the training experience, users will punch and kick virtual authentic MMA training gear, with Kinect for Xbox 360 users having access to exclusive branded equipment. In Ultimate Training Mode, users will hit the mitts against a variety of popular UFC personalities, including Kinect for Xbox 360 exclusive fighters Dan Hardy, Frank Mir, Diego Sanchez and Kenny Florian, in a variety of challenging rhythm and timing-based agility drills that utilize punching and kicking sequences. They will unlock a variety of different drills to earn rewards, each with increasing difficulty, as well as have the ability to compete against friends and issue challenges in a multiplayer environment. UFC Personal Trainer will provide additional guidance and encouragement throughout the fitness journey by enabling users to select a goal and work with DellaGrotte, Jackson or Mendez for personalized instruction. They will learn MMA-inspired exercises, as well as authentic training techniques and healthy lifestyle choices through a comprehensive fitness experience. In addition, users looking for a dedicated program system focused on losing weight, building strength or improving performance may take advantage of either a 30 or 60-day program that best fits their needs.

track, French Festival, school’s challenge. It kept me away from many of the negative influences in Waterhouse and kept me focused. Although I wanted to compete in the Olympics, joining the JDF (Jamaica Defence Force) was foremost in my mind. BE: How did your parents and the JDF prepare you for life? DH: My father in his unique way stressed the importance of education. An education is an important tool to lift anyone from poverty. The motto at the JDF training depot in Newcastle states ‘No task too difficult, No obstacle too great.’ That is a great mindset with which to tackle life’s challenges. BE: What was the motivating factor to become a bobsledder and when did you realise that the Olympics was possible? DH: The main motivation to become a bobsledder was to represent Jamaica in the Olympics.


Despite recent cloud service outages, security a bigger concern than availability


Availability is just one factor The debate over cloud availability is silly. As I pointed out my post about the Google and Microsoft outages, local networks and servers are not impervious to outages, so the risk is essentially the same as it pertains to availability. Security and privacy are more relevant cloud concerns than availability. There are, however, other concerns that offer a much more valid argument against cloud services for some businesses. Chief among them is security and privacy. The convenience of outsourcing the IT infrastructure to a cloud-based third-party comes with increased risk that your network traffic or stored data could be compromised in some way, either directly by the IT support personnel charged with maintaining your services, or inadvertently by exposing it to increased risk on Internet-based servers. Build your own cloud It doesnt have to be that way, though. You can enjoy some of the benefits of cloud servers and storage without sacrificing control, or putting the data at increased risk by hosting your own private cloud, or using a hybrid approach that includes on-premise and cloud-based services. For example, you could store your data locally in an appliance like the ioSafe N2 . The NAS (network attached storage) device can hold terabytes of data in a redundant configuration inside a fire proof, flood proof enclosure.

ConnectWise Integration With OS33 Lets Partners Focus on Selling New Cloud Services

“The integration makes the delivery of these new capabilities so easy that partners can focus instead on driving new sales and growing revenue.” The ConnectWise-OS33 integration enables partners to: Easily provision cloud users Offers easy-to-use self-service web-based provisioning Tracks adds/changes across all licensing and infrastructure Track cloud and data usage, and automatically update customer monthly invoices Tracks Microsoft SPLA, Office 365, Citrix CSP, in addition to third-party and custom products and solutions invoices Tracks VM resources including processors, memory and storage Offers multi-tier storage tracking including Archive, Standard, High-Performance and Amazon-S3 Offers users the ability to drill down to see consumption per user for Exchange Mailboxes, File Servers, SQL Databases, and more Bundle cloud user support with their pre-existing support options Tracks custom support options with the ability to define terms 24/7 Offers an extensive built-in self-help functionality To learn more about the ConnectWise-OS33 integration, please visit . Follow ConnectWise About click here! ConnectWise Designed exclusively for the IT Channel, ConnectWise is the leading business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers. Today more than 80,000 IT professionals rely on ConnectWise to achieve greater accountability, operational efficiency and profitability. ConnectWise fully integrates CRM, sales, help desk ticket and tracking, project tracking, IT service management, SLAs, dispatch scheduling, mobile IT services, time and expenses into a singular IT management software to dramatically streamline IT companies.

Troy, MI Cloud Computing Solutions Provider and IT Support Company Wins Business Growth Award

We couldnt have done it without the help of my colleagues, said Kim Nielsen, Chief Technology Strategist and Founder of Computer Technologies. The award is given as a group, and we werent alone in receiving it. Everyone worked hard at building our businesses this year and its really starting to show, Nielsen went on, referencing the other members in the group; Jay Parisi of Aegis Technology Partners in CT, Keith Carrizosa of Azure Horizons in IL, Bob Milliken of Cascadia Systems Group in BC Canada, Matt Weaver of Echo Systems in PA, Bob Michie of MetroMSP in NJ, Sean Robertson of Strategic Technology Associates, Inc. in NB Canada and Kevin Justus of Shoreline Information Technologies in CA. The Accountability Group, known as the Accelerators, has weekly conference calls and quarterly meetings with the intent of identifying ways to ease their clients IT pain as well as assist and hold one another accountable towards their business goals. As a group, it’s powerful to be able to collaborate on ways to improve our services to our clients. Its like having a board of directors and an executive management team, Nielsen added. Our clients gain the added benefit of knowing theyre partnering with a company thats here for the long haul and has outside resources we can count on. The Accelerators is one of 30 groups consisting of 270 member companies, of the Robin Robins Producers Club, that represent some of the top IT companies in the world. The award recognizes the best improvement from Q1 to Q2 based on revenue, monthly contracts and income.

MTN Extends Cloud Services To Cote D’Ivoire


It might be all business. Justin Moore, CEO of Axcient, and Renee Bergeron, VP of managed services and cloud computing for Ingram Micro North America, recently shared their insights with Business Solutions magazine. Moore says, Resellers are starting to feel a push from two sides: from end user companies that are turning to them to help select, evaluate, implement, integrate, and manage cloud solutions, and from ISVs looking to increase their channel power to supply solutions to those end user companies. Moore quotes a Gartner report, Forecast Overview: Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2011-2016 (4Q12 update published Feb. 8, 2013) that anticipates the SaaS market will grow steadily at a rate of 19.5 percent through 2016, with spending projected to increase 143 percent over the same period to $32.8 billion. He also cites a Forrester Research report As SaaS Goes Mainstream, ISVs Invest in Channel Support Tools that says with the increased adoption of cloud solutions, ISVs are changing their sourcing strategy and are looking to solution partners who can supply and centrally manage their entire end-to-end SaaS portfolio. Forrester estimates that by the end of 2013 the partner channel will account for 27 percent of all SaaS software revenues for ISVs. As part of the broader adoption of cloud-based service and maturing of this market, end users need, in particular, solutions providers who can assist with the integration of cloud-based solutions into the business other applications and general workflow, says Moore. He points out that there are two benefits for resellers who realize that the market is changing and that there is a definite appetite for cloud-based offerings.

Can You Afford Not To Offer Cloud Services?

BSM-Cloud Building Front

This slowed the process and was inconvenient for all parties. By adding e-signatures into Cash Canadasshort termloans process, the company is now able to offer its customers the ability to complete a loan safely, securely and instantaneously from anywhere with internet access via a laptop, tablet PC or smartphone. The result: more customers and increased business. For Teachers Credit Union , the level of electronic evidence was important in the decision to move to an online signature process. To meet this goal without compromising the objective to transform the customer experience, the credit union implemented an e-signature solution that digitally signs each document and captures the signing process including every web page and action that a consumer takes.

The Cloud is Here to Stay in Financial Services

The introduction follows successful launches in Nigeria and Ghana, with plans for further roll outs in three other countries including Uganda, Cameroon and South Africa, already gathering pace. The service, which provides business automation tools to enterprises across professional services, micro-finance, health and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sectors, aims to promote businesses by providing technical support for a sustainable growth and development. Our focus as MTN is to contribute to the development of enterprises and the sustainable growth of economies in the countries where we operate, says Pieter Verkade, MTN Group Chief Commercial Officer. MTN Cloud is integral to our strategy to achieve this, particularly as enterprises are key economic growth drivers in most of our markets. As with the launches in Ghana and Nigeria in April, this weeks introduction of business automation tools in Cote dIvoire is part of the first phase of MTN Cloud services designed primarily for SMEs across professional services, and the health and micro-finance sectors. The second phase of MTN Cloud offerings will cater for major corporate companies and multinationals. The uptake in Ghana and Nigeria has been positive. We are optimistic that MTN Cloud will receive a similar response in Cote dIvoire, and in the other markets when its launched, concludes Verkade. The South Africas Most Valuable Brand and the highest ranked African brand for two consecutive years recently announced it had hit a record high 200 million subscribers across Africa.

PSI Seminars to Hold Free Teleseminar “Playing to Win” in August

PSI Wins $9.2 Million Follow-On Contract for Sustainment and Maintenance of DoD’s Blood Donor Management System

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All too often people play a losing game and end up sabotaging themselves. Playing to Win teaches several techniques to steer clear of those self-defeating behaviors and live a winning lifestyle. The call is expected to last about one hour. Playing to Win is a part of the ongoing teleseminars held by PSI Seminars. The goal of these conference calls is to teach attendees how to achieve positive results in their lives and reach their dreams both personally and professionally.

This firm fixed price contract has a base term of 4 years and a total ceiling value to $9.2 million if all options are exercised. Under this contract, PSI and its partners TechWerks and MediWare, will provide customer support, system maintenance, training, and quality assurance to support the Blood Donor Management System “Mediware LifeTrak.” These services will ensure that LifeTrak is effective in producing safe, pure, and potent blood products which are critical for our servicemen and women on the battlefield and in the surgical suite. “PSI looks forward to continuing to provide blood management solutions that are vital for the safety of our nation’s military,” said PSI CEO Terry Lin. “Through our valued and long-standing partnership with the Defense Health Information Management System (DHIMS)and our previous work with Blood Donor and Transfusion ServicesPSI now proudly supports all of the Defense Department’s blood management programs.” About Planned Systems psi institute International, Inc. Founded in 1988, PSI is a certified enterprise IT solutions provider specializing in Federal Health IT.

Is personal development for the effective executive?

Lets look at a brief example of how an executive can use personal development to his or her benefit. The smart executive can use personal development to work as an effective leader. It was the famous football coach Vince Lombardi who said: Leaders arent born, they are made. I agree completely. An effective leader can use the teachings of personal development to understand that in order to lead others; you must first be able to lead yourself. Leading yourself involves a few factors: Self-discipline Self-discipline allows us to function in the workplace in a way where we are able to regulate and correct ourselves for the sake of improvement. With self-discipline we work and act in such a way that others see us as confident. People follow confident leaders.

Tips for Enhanced Personal Development in setting goals

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Visualizing yourself in the winners circle will help you stay motivated and you will be less likely to be derailed by negative emotions or small setbacks. Set goals and objectives for yourself in all that you do. Even if you are setting a goal to go for a walk at lunch or pay your bills on a certain day each month, setting goals and having personal growth workshop a plan to meet these goals ensures that you are creating a life you will love living. A key step in personal development is maintaining a journal or diary with your feelings, goals and ambitions. With this tool you can track how you have evolved and celebrate how much you have accomplished.