Despite recent cloud service outages, security a bigger concern than availability


Availability is just one factor The debate over cloud availability is silly. As I pointed out my post about the Google and Microsoft outages, local networks and servers are not impervious to outages, so the risk is essentially the same as it pertains to availability. Security and privacy are more relevant cloud concerns than availability. There are, however, other concerns that offer a much more valid argument against cloud services for some businesses. Chief among them is security and privacy. The convenience of outsourcing the IT infrastructure to a cloud-based third-party comes with increased risk that your network traffic or stored data could be compromised in some way, either directly by the IT support personnel charged with maintaining your services, or inadvertently by exposing it to increased risk on Internet-based servers. Build your own cloud It doesnt have to be that way, though. You can enjoy some of the benefits of cloud servers and storage without sacrificing control, or putting the data at increased risk by hosting your own private cloud, or using a hybrid approach that includes on-premise and cloud-based services. For example, you could store your data locally in an appliance like the ioSafe N2 . The NAS (network attached storage) device can hold terabytes of data in a redundant configuration inside a fire proof, flood proof enclosure.

ConnectWise Integration With OS33 Lets Partners Focus on Selling New Cloud Services

“The integration makes the delivery of these new capabilities so easy that partners can focus instead on driving new sales and growing revenue.” The ConnectWise-OS33 integration enables partners to: Easily provision cloud users Offers easy-to-use self-service web-based provisioning Tracks adds/changes across all licensing and infrastructure Track cloud and data usage, and automatically update customer monthly invoices Tracks Microsoft SPLA, Office 365, Citrix CSP, in addition to third-party and custom products and solutions invoices Tracks VM resources including processors, memory and storage Offers multi-tier storage tracking including Archive, Standard, High-Performance and Amazon-S3 Offers users the ability to drill down to see consumption per user for Exchange Mailboxes, File Servers, SQL Databases, and more Bundle cloud user support with their pre-existing support options Tracks custom support options with the ability to define terms 24/7 Offers an extensive built-in self-help functionality To learn more about the ConnectWise-OS33 integration, please visit . Follow ConnectWise About click here! ConnectWise Designed exclusively for the IT Channel, ConnectWise is the leading business management solution for service providers, MSPs, technology consultants, integrators, and developers. Today more than 80,000 IT professionals rely on ConnectWise to achieve greater accountability, operational efficiency and profitability. ConnectWise fully integrates CRM, sales, help desk ticket and tracking, project tracking, IT service management, SLAs, dispatch scheduling, mobile IT services, time and expenses into a singular IT management software to dramatically streamline IT companies.


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