UFC® Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System in Development on Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStation®Move for PS3™ and Wii™


Olympic bobsledder for personal, professional development seminar

In addition, users may focus on specific fitness objectives by building personalized routines with up to 12 different exercises. Each of the custom routines can be modified to increase or decrease intensity of the products pre-set pace, enabling users to fully maximize their training experiences based on individual preferences. Across the training experience, users will punch and kick virtual authentic MMA training gear, with Kinect for Xbox 360 users having access to exclusive branded equipment. In Ultimate Training Mode, users will hit the mitts against a variety of popular UFC personalities, including Kinect for Xbox 360 exclusive fighters Dan Hardy, Frank Mir, Diego Sanchez and Kenny Florian, in a variety of challenging rhythm and timing-based agility drills that utilize punching and kicking sequences. They will unlock a variety of different drills to earn rewards, each with increasing difficulty, as well as have the ability to compete against friends and issue challenges in a multiplayer environment. UFC Personal Trainer will provide additional guidance and encouragement throughout the fitness journey by enabling users to select a goal and work with DellaGrotte, Jackson or Mendez for personalized instruction. They will learn MMA-inspired exercises, as well as authentic training techniques and healthy lifestyle choices through a comprehensive fitness experience. In addition, users looking for a dedicated program system focused on losing weight, building strength or improving performance may take advantage of either a 30 or 60-day program that best fits their needs.

track, French Festival, school’s challenge. It kept me away from many of the negative influences in Waterhouse and kept me focused. Although I wanted to compete in the Olympics, joining the JDF (Jamaica Defence Force) was foremost in my mind. BE: How did your parents and the JDF prepare you for life? DH: My father in his unique way stressed the importance of education. An education is an important tool to lift anyone from poverty. The motto at the JDF training depot in Newcastle states ‘No task too difficult, No obstacle too great.’ That is a great mindset with which to tackle life’s challenges. BE: What was the motivating factor to become a bobsledder and when did you realise that the Olympics was possible? DH: The main motivation to become a bobsledder was to represent Jamaica in the Olympics.


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