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The 4-h Mission Mandate Of Citizenship: Service And Personal Development

Service, the third core area of the 4-H Citizenship Mission Mandate, includes community service, service learning and community youth development. Community service and volunteerism are activities that are valued, encouraged and supported within all 4-H programs. All 4-H members and clubs are encouraged to incorporate community service and volunteering as part of their participation. Many 4-H clubs plan community service events for their members that match the interests and skills of club members to the needs of their community. Youth develop citizenship knowledge and skills by being active participants in planning and leading community service activities. Service learning is community service or volunteering that also includes a structured educational component. Service learning programs in 4-H allow youth to develop critical thinking and planning skills as they identify an issue they are interested in working on, plan and conduct a service activity. Eventually they will reflect on the knowledge and skills that they develop through the service process. Michigan 4-H provides resources to assist youth and adult leaders in planning and conducting community service and service learning programs including ideas for projects, project guides and curriculum . Personal development is the fourth core area of the 4-H Citizenship Mission Mandate. This component of citizenship includes skills and knowledge related to leadership, mutual respect and understanding, character development, and problem solving. These components of citizenship can be, and often are incorporated into any 4-H programs. 4-H clubs are one of the primary ways that youth develop skills in this area of citizenship. Most 4-H clubs provide youth with opportunities to serve in leadership positions as club officers. Club officers plan and conduct club meetings, help to plan, and develop agendas for club activities. Many counties in Michigan offer 4-H leader and officer trainings in which youth develop leadership, facilitation and communication skills. Michigan 4-H also provides curriculum focused on character development that is incorporated into a variety of 4-H settings.

Personal Development Program Building Awareness

Reflect on Gains from a Personal Growth Plan

Personal Development Planning Shifts Outside of Self With inside work well underway it’s time to shift the focus. Week Thirteen Increase self awareness of time utilization by starting a time and activity log. Briefly record all activities, accounting for increments as small as fifteen minutes. At the end of each day determine if the time was well spent continue reading this.. and supportive of the personal development plan. Week Fourteen Become a generous listener. Listen carefully to understand what is being said and the underlying emotions. Learn to reflect back both the thoughts and emotions, confirming the speaker was heard.


Self-help Nation –

Self-Help Is for Suckers

In an economy that grows ever more ruthless and competitive, faced with downsizing, outsourcing and stagnant wages, the rational school offers people the illusion of mastery while the expressive provides a dreamy sanctuary from the cruel marketplace. McGees grasp of the philosophical underpinnings of both notions is formidable. She traces Robbins mind-power fantasies back to the New Thought movement of the early 20th century, led by Ralph Waldo Trine, who preached a pragmatic idealism in which wealth and opportunity were characterized as equally available to all through a kind of cosmic abundance. She finds threads in contemporary time-management gurus like Covey that lead back to Cotton Mather and Benjamin Franklin, and in New Agers that lead back to Emerson. (You have to love a book that describes Tony Robbins as someone who leaves behind the Enlightenment notion of the reasonable creature and moves in the direction of a Nietzschean model of giving style to ones life.) Instead of Salernos born-yesterday notion of self-help as the folly of a post-60s generation of navel gazers and complainers, McGee recognizes that most of these ideas have been with us for a long time. Still, the particular conditions of late capitalism have added a new twist to the fantasy of self-creation. The current permutations of self-help reflect what McGee sees as a crisis brought on by the movement of women and minorities into the workplace. She points out that the self-made man (an idea traceable all the way back to ancient Greece) was never really that; the unpaid labor of a mother and usually a wife helped make him, and he often benefited as well from the underpaid labor of servants and others prevented by skin color or class from enjoying the same opportunities. Now that all those previous unpaid and underpaid workers are demanding their own shot at the brass ring, its become painfully apparent how impossible it is for individuals to really make it all by themselves. At bare minimum, someone still has to teach us to walk and talk.


What should the self-help gurus be telling you? That the aftermath of failure is precisely when you need to remember that the self is flexible. That you’re better off focusing on effort and other controllable factors, and not on fixed aptitude. To forget about “not being a ____ kind of person,” whatever the presumed deficit in your supposedly authentic self may be. Bad grade on your paper? Lousy earnings projections for the quarter? First one voted off the reality dancing show? There are dangers to chalking up setback to a lack of ability or a glaring limitation of your true self. Instead, force yourself to make a list of the changeable factors — internal and external — that can bring about better outcomes the next time around.

New Popular Self-Help Books Share One Message: You’re an Idiot

“There’s this new breed of self-help book,” says Terrence Real, a bestselling self-help speaker and author of “The New Rules of Marriage.” “They have a very black-and-white message that appeals to some people. Whatever the overt message is, the underlying message is, ‘You’re an idiot.’ ” The new cookbook by Ms. Barnouin and Ms. Freedman promotes a vegan diet. A sassy illustration of an angular woman in a chic cocktail dress on the cover and advice such as “Stop being a moron and start getting skinny” hint at the vulgarity-laden blunt talk found inside. Their first book didn’t get much traction, selling only 10,000 copies when it debuted in 2005. But in May 2007, when the lithe Victoria Beckham was photographed holding up a copy in a Los Angeles store (despite the fact that she didn’t buy it and says “I’ve never read a book in my life”), sales soared. This nontraditional approach and vernacular voice also permeate “He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys.” While relationship books of the past featured hints on how to attract “the man of your dreams,” this book — which sold 30,000 copies in the first two weeks after its release in 2004 — tells women that if a guy doesn’t call or ask them out right away, he’s not interested, and they should give up.

Psi And Meritor: Keeping Tire Pressure Up

PSI Seminars

Then there are tread punctures and sidewall damage that release yet more air over time. Besides brewing a recipe for road gators, he pointed out that under inflation eventually leads to irregular tire wear and that to premature removal of tires. Tire punctures also increase with under-inflated tires and a longer footprint results as the rubber becomes hotter and softer. According to Sonzala, under inflation leads to more than flat tires and road calls. But automatic tire inflation, he stressed, can increase tire life; maximize casing life; reduce on-road expenses and downtime; cut overall fuel expense; and help increase safety. Al Cohn, PSIs director of new market development & engineering support, spoke to fuel economy, explaining that theres a 5:1 ratio for tire pounds per square inch to miles per gallon. The lengthening of the tires footprint due to under inflation, he stated, has a substantial impact on fuel economy. He related that a study conducted by PSI revealed these fuel-economy factors to consider: The specific tire make and model can have a significant impact on rolling resistance and thus how greatly the tire may contribute to fuel efficiency There is a direct correlation between the size of a tires footprint and rolling resistance Under-inflation has a significant negative effect on fuel economy for both new and retreaded tires. Cohn also pointed out that tire inflation plays a role in securing good CSA scores and with that in mind, fleets should be aware that some tire gauges can be off by 15 PSI +/- and therefore certified dial gauges, which typically vary +/- 1 PSI, are preferred. During a tour of the PSI manufacturing plant here, executives stepped back at each assembly-line station to allow PSI line managers to explain in their own words the given process they were responsible for and the numerous quality checks that were built into each step along the way.

This is based on BBB’s database of businesses located in Denver. Businesses may engage in more than one type of business. The percent of time the business engages in a type of business is not accounted for. There is no PSISeminars known industry standard for the number of complaints a business can expect. The volume of business and number of transactions may have a bearing on the number of complaints received by BBB. *PSI Seminars is in this range. X Types of Complaints Handled by BBB BBB handles the following types of complaints between businesses and their customers so long as they are not, or have not been, litigated: Advertising or Sales Problems with Products or Services Delivery Guarantee or Warranty We do not handle workplace disputes, discrimination claims or claims about the quality of health or legal services. X BBB Complaint Process Your complaint will be forwarded to the company within two business days.

PSI Seminars Los Angeles Service Projects

Attendees will learn through group discussions and growth exercises, and they will be taught powerful systems that can be apply right away in both their personal and professional lives. The goal of PSI Seminars Las Vegas is to help individuals identify the results they want in their lives, develop the skills to achieve their goals and create a more abundant lifestyle as a result. Attendees of PSI Seminars Las Vegas Basic rave about the positive change they experienced after going to this event. “PSI’s Basic Seminar is a personal growth must! Two days after attending, I created a brand new business and saved an existing one. Simply stated, it helped me increase my effectiveness in both my professional and personal relationships one-hundred fold,” says Dick Feeney, an attendee of previous PSI Seminars Las Vegas events, “If you are interested in a lifetime of success, this is the ONE class to attend!” For over 37 years PSI Seminars has dramatically and consistently delivered life-changing results, such as newfound enthusiasm and energy for life, and massive increases in personal fulfillment and happiness, to over 500,000 participants worldwide.

PSI Seminars Las Vegas Holds Event to Inspire Lives in August

Sign in Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to dislike PSI Seminars’s video. Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add PSI Seminars’s video to your playlist. Sign in Uploaded on Mar 13, 2008… – PSI Seminars Los Angeles graduates of PLD (Pacesetter’s Leadership Dynamics) give back by helping schools and people in need. PSI Seminars Los Angeles is the leading authority and pioneer in personal growth, communication and leadership skills in the Los Angeles area. We offer life-changing personal development seminars for enhancing individual mastery of life success principles. To learn more about PSI Seminars Los Angeles and to experience on of our free introductory seminars – go to…

“personal Development” Why Personal Development ? – 21k – Cached – Similar pages Personal DevelopmentPersonal-Development.Com, the reliable source of personal development information since 1999. – 22k – Cached – Similar pages Self-help – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaSamuel Smiles (1812-1904) published the first self-consciously personal- development “self-help” book entitled Self-Help in 1859. … nt – 42k – Cached – Similar pages Personal DevelopmentAt the core of these types of development is personal development. The library includes the basic resources from which to get started in cultivating … .htm – 15k – Cached – Similar pages Personal Development | Self Help Tools for TransformationDiscover an abundance of free self help tools that empower your personal development.

Personal Development Meetups near Wood Dale, Illinois

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The members will get to know everything pertaining to accent reduction. Play some djembe: This group is for all those people who want to go in depth of learning and developing traditional djembe technique, rhythms and drum songs. Charges for the class are fixed at $50 for first 10 weeks. Kierkegaard, Either / Or Many people consider this group for friendship, cooperative discourse as well as mental exercise with shared interest in their engagements with philosophy and orientations to philosophy. Get Ready for Boot Camp!!! @ Perfect Fit Fitness **$10.00 Per Class** The meetup group forms a crucial role for men and women; who want to push their bodies beyond the limit through boot camp drills and moves, fun and obstacle courses. The work out regime will cover boxing, cardio, weight training, plyometrics, meditation and other obstacle courses. Each member is needed to bring $10 cash for every class. Several other self improvement, personal growth and development, parenting and family, child support meetups etc.

How to plan your personal development at college

Investing time into planning your future today will save time tomorrow and in the future. Of course you will have heard of so many celebrities who succeed without embarking on a programme concerned with planning their careers, despite how successful they are. However, those individuals are classified as being lucky, and whilst we should celebrate success, we cannot waste our lives waiting, in hope that the same type of luck will strike us! Believe me, I have encountered many individuals who did just that and they remain unhappy, bitter and dissatisfied today, wishing they had used their time more productively. So, investing time to plan your development today will no doubt be beneficial in the future. The pursuit of personal development Commitment to personal development planning will help you to better manage the range of situations you will encounter in academia, work and life. Developing your self signals a willingness to take responsibility for your own learning; explore your feelings; understand all that influences you; respond to career changes; welcome changes; and set aside time to reflect and develop Through gaining an awareness of self through personal development planning, you will be in a better position to assess whether there is an appropriate fit between your self and your occupational role. This constitutes an important discovery because sometimes the way we behave in our roles (in academia or work) is preconceived and reflective of how we think we should behave from our perceptions (real or imagined) of others in that role. Rather, what we should be doing is getting to know ourselves and developing our own professional style in relation to our role. The relationship between PDP and the world of work So how does the process of PDP forge a link between academia and the modern-day workplace?

Bristol Personal Development Goal Setting Seminar

Chalmers Brothers Raises the Bar for Professional and Personal Development Training through Part 2 SOAR in a Google Hangout Event

Fruther details at Where will YOU be in 3 month’s time if YOU continue without making changes in YOUR life NOW? All change starts with our thinking; that is based upon what we think about ourselves which is our Self Concept or Self Esteem. What we think determines the actions we take in our lives and therefore our results. There can be no mistake about this, look at YOUR results and then YOU will be able to trace them back to YOUR Thoughts, Self Esteem, Actions and those Results. “To know and not to do is not to know.” Whilst investing in yourself, YOU will also be helping those less fortunate, a 10% donation of all the profits will wholly go towards the Misthy Cee Foundation Founded in 2001, the Misthy Cee Development Centre in Akomadan, Ghana, exists to help the disadvantaged orphans, disabled and street children to make the most of their capabilities by developing their potential in diverse ways. This (UK) charity is run by Bristol-based volunteers, and offers you the opportunity to sponsor a child in the care of the Centre.

On August 2, 2013, Chalmers presented Part 1 of SOAR professional and personal development training through a live streaming event (now available as a YouTube video). But in Part 2, some truly transformational shifts can occur insights that can be pivotal for helping people to move past the obstacles that they dont often see and keep them from getting the results they want. Through SOAR, attendees PSI Seminars begin to their world with a different perspective that becomes life changing. This new way of seeing themselves and others is the catalyst for attracting opportunities and people, and building a lifetime of strong, satisfying and mutually beneficial relationships. Chalmers own experience 25 years ago is what makes him focused and passionate about sharing this body of knowledge. He had this to say: Many years ago, I was functioning but clearly sub-optimizing both in my job and in my marriage. I was inadvertently pushing people away from, unknowingly diminishing opportunities and closing doors I had blind spots that had me continually getting in my own way and I didnt really know what to do differently, except maybe more of what I was already doing. At some point, its not about pedaling the bike faster. A new approach is needed and I found it and have been working on it ever since. Through his book, Language and the Pursuit of Happiness and in private consulting, coaching and leadership training, Chalmers’ unique concepts and body of learning implemented with CEO’s, Fortune 500 Companies, federal and state government agencies, hospitals, medical practices, institutes of higher learning and small businesses since the 1990s, offer proven strategies for producing transformational shifts in the way people approach relationships, awareness, commitments, and accountability for achieving and sustaining desired results.

Ciphercloud Launches Asian Pacific Expansion Plans

“Like many countries around the world, Australian organisations want to capitalise on cloud applications in a secure way,” said Kothari. “At the same time, policies such as the Australian Privacy Act, Australian Privacy Act Amendments and New Zealand’s Privacy Act are driving organisations to address data privacy and regulatory compliance. As a result, CipherCloud has seen 175 per cent year over year growth.” The CipherCloud product portfolio supports popular cloud applications out-of-the-box, such as Salesforce (, Chatter (, Box (, Microsoft(R) Office 365 (, Google Gmail (, and Amazon Web Services ( Additionally, CipherCloud Connect AnyApp and Database Gateway enable organisations to extend data protection to hundreds of other cloud applications and databases. According to CipherCloud’s Regional Director in CipherCloud Australia, Iman Ghodosi, “CipherCloud is growing rapidly in Australia and New Zealand. The opening of our Asia Pacific headquarters’ doors is recognition of the amazing growth we’ve achieved in a very short time.

CipherCloud Raises $30M From Andreessen Horowitz For Cloud Encryption Technology


The mastermind of CipherCloud is Pravin Kothari, who was the co-founder of ArcSight (the company went public and then sold out to HP for $1.5 billion). From my experience at ArcSight, he said, I learned how important it is to remain focused on your strategy and to execute against that strategy. ArcSight was not the first to market in what grew to be a very crowded security space. Yet, as a result of our differentiated technology we succeeded and grew to be a dominant provider. OK, so what makes CipherCloud different? According to Pravin: We offer eight different commercially available products that support the most popular cloud applications in the market: Salesforce, Chatter,, Google Gmail and Microsoft Office 365, among others. Our customers can use our technology without any changes needed to the cloud application. We preserve search, sort, and reporting operations for users, so there is no loss of productivity or convenience. We let our customers control the keys, so no one can access their data without their involvement. The technology is simple to understand, transparent to the end-users, fast, and easy to deploy. Consider that Andreessen Horowitz has been an early supporter of CipherCloud, having participated in the companys total seed round of $1.4 million last year.When we made the investment, we saw both the market trend of enterprises adopting cloud applications and the increasing requirements for security, said John Jack, a board partner at Andreessen Horowitz and former CEO of Fortify Software.

Ciphercloud Gets $30 Million to Defend the Cloud

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