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Personal Development: Learning And Adaptation ( 1)


But, you must be willing to learn more. You cannot just stop learning, developing and equipping yourself, simply because the world and immediate environment where you operate continues to evolve and change very rapidly. And, while adaptation to these changes may be good, there is no alternative for your proactive utilisation of the changes to compel positive changes in your sphere of influence and ultimately make them work to your advantage. That is the major aim of personal development. Personal development of course involves significant improvement in your personal awareness and self identity to the point of personal motivation to develop talents and potential, in order to further build your all-round capacity. It is a commitment to continuous personal development that facilitates the realization of dreams and aspirations, as well as enhancement of your quality of life. Imagine what happens to a person that can improve his or her self esteem, personal skills or talents, wealth creation abilities, spiritual development, social abilities, technical competencies, relationships, personal enthusiasm, general optimism etc? Without a doubt, there would be greater personal confidence displayed, as the person manifests the three essentials of a great lifestyle: Joy, Achievement and Fulfillment (JAF). The truth is that every one of us can seek and achieve personal development.

How to plan your personal development at college

Developing your self signals a willingness to take responsibility for your own learning; explore your feelings; understand all that influences you; respond to career changes; welcome changes; and set aside time to reflect and develop Through gaining an awareness of self through personal development planning, you will be in a better position to assess whether there is an appropriate fit between your self and your occupational role. This constitutes an important discovery because sometimes the way we behave in our roles (in academia or work) is preconceived and reflective of how we think we should behave from our perceptions (real or imagined) of others in that role. Rather, what we should be doing is getting to know ourselves and developing our own professional style in relation to our role. The relationship between PDP and the world of work So how does the process of PDP forge a link between academia and the modern-day workplace? The world of work is constantly changing and individuals are expected to be multi-skilled, and approach tasks in a multi-faceted manner. Organisations are demanding employees who are flexible and adaptable. Nowadays, employers expect employees to understand their own performance and to know how to adapt to meet times of increased workload, stressful situations or conditions of change. The crux of the matter is that employees are expected to respond well to change. Whilst some employers offer training and coaching to assist employees, it is more typical for employers to expect employees to come equipped to manage both their own performance and the performance of others.


Ciphercloud Debuts Searchable Strong Encryption For The Cloud

CipherCloud Delivers Searchable Strong Encryption

“We work with the applications on the back end to make sure that access control policy is followed before any results are returned to the user,”Kothari said. Encryption CipherCloud uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptography to protect customer data on the gateway and in the cloud. Kothari explained that 256-bit AES is a symmetric encryption technology, which means the same key is used for encryption and decryption. Getting data from the enterprise to the gateway and then to the cloud requires some form of encryption for the data in transport. CipherCloud uses standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption from the gateway to the cloud, Kothari explained. Among the revelations in the recent NSA leaks is that the agency has somehow managed to crack some SSL security as well. Kothari noted that CipherCloud recommends that customers use a cipher for SSL, known as Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), which is fast and secure. “If you look at the NSA disclosures in recent months, what has come out is that they are good at strong-arming cloud providers to get data in plain text,” Kothari said.

cloud security

“Compliance for sensitive data frequently requires the use of encryption when it is sent across public communication networks,” said Brian Lowans, Principal Research Analyst at Gartner. “In fact, this should be considered as standard practice for all cloud-based applications accessed via public networks to avoid eavesdropping.”[1] CipherCloud’s SSE technology leverages its gateway architecture to provide secure local index and search operations while sending the strongly encrypted data to the cloud and protecting it from all external threats. This solution enables natural language, wild cards and Boolean searches of AES 256-bit encrypted data. Other available techniques on the market lack searchability or require complex deployments of local databases or rely only on partial data encryption. CipherCloud’s solution now combines the highest levels of usability and security. CipherCloud’s Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE) key capabilities include: Comprehensive Protection Platform Delivers advanced searching of strongly encrypted data while preserving security, usability and performance. The platform provides the ability to select a preferred protection scheme for each individual field for maximum security and usability. Advance Intuitive Search Supports flexible search terms, such as “starts with,” “ends with,” wild cards, natural language matching and Boolean phrases, compatible with today’s Internet search conventions. Strong AES 256-bit Encryption Delivers AES 256-bit encryption, the highest commercially available level of encryption with unlimited initialization vectors to maximize randomness.

Cloud Encryption Firm CipherCloud Raises $30 Million in Funding

For web hosting companies, this offers a great opportunity to partner with CipherCloud or other cloud encryption technology providers to increase their customer base and revenue. A large part of CipherClouds partnership strategy involves the company teaming up with enterprise cloud computing heavyweights like Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft Cloud, and Salesforce. CipherCloud Gateway is available as a service or virtual appliance, providing a range of security features including tokenization, activity monitoring, and malware detection. As part of the venture funding investment deal, John M.

Personal Development Courses 2013 Calender.

Training Download DOCX (41.85 KB) Dear Friends, Capacity Africa Institute is offering personal development courses in different professional disciplines. The courses target busy professionals who need to improve their skills for quality delivery of business services. The courses last for 4 weeks (training takes place every Saturday morning) giving the learners flexible to time to study and submit assignments before certification. Attached kindly see the calendar of courses to be offered in 2013. For more information and bookings. Contact.

Personal Development Training launched

Many of our people underestimate themselves, original site doubt their capacity and talents, and lead unfulfilled lives. This training course aims to teach Mongolian people effective ways to use their innate talents and potential for a better future. The initiator of the program, human rights lawyer, M.Ichinnorov, stated during the launch, One area in which Mongolia has lagged behind others over the past 20 years is undoubtedly the area of personal development. The key to success of world famous people has always been in their insight to their inner potential. This training course will not just provide information, it will give participants practical training in many methods to guide them on a path to success. The course will run for three months and will include 17 classes. Professional instructors and leading speakers are facilitating the course, which will teach people how to discover their potential, identify the important things in life, find a path leading to their dreams, eliminate bad habits, gain confidence, lead contented lives using their innate talents, reach success, and achieve financial independence. It is open to participants from all walks of life, including students, business persons, and civil servants.

Personal Development Seminars Can Transform Your Life

I create 3+ videos a day to give my best content to all of you so I want you to take my words/lessons and use it for your business (because all my tips can be applied to ANY business online!) Thank you for your support and love. I wish you all the success in the world because if you BELIEVE in yourself and take ACTION, then you CAN achieve whatever you want to achieve in your heart. Go for you dreams. You can do it because you already have GREATNESS within you. You already have amazing unique talent within you.