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Cheyenne Jackson Engaged To Jason Landau, Recruiter For Alleged “Self-Help” Cult

Its spun out from a few well-researched articles Salerno wrote for magazines and padded with a grab bag of shopworn anecdotes and secondhand data culled from other, similar books. (Sally Satels dubious PC, M.D. is a favorite source.) You know the drill by now: Salernos stance is flabbergasted indignation at the countless outrages against common sense being committed on a daily, if not hourly, basis by people whose perfidy or idiocy is a cause for perpetual wonder. Commentators rarely go broke when capitalizing on the pleasure Americans take in sneering at their fellow citizens, but Salerno doesnt bring much clarity to the ongoing national infatuation with self-help. He casts his net so wide he winds up blaming the self-actualization industry for such grouch fodder as frivolous lawsuits (yes, that old spilled McDonalds coffee story gets hauled out yet again) and the devolution of electoral politics into sloganeering. Hes done some solid, shoe-leather reporting on such self-actualization gurus as the infomercial icon (and hot-coal walker) Tony Robbins, and SHAM offers valuable glimpses into the empires built by these figures. But credit for coming up with real insight into the self-help juggernaut more properly belongs to Micki McGee, a faculty fellow at New York University and the author of Self-Help, Inc.: Makeover Culture in American Life. McGee regards the self-actualization industry almost as warily as Salerno does, but she has a far more sophisticated grasp of its appeal.


Each classic has its own chapter and each chapter is wonderfully short. There is never a dull moment. The book has a lot of nice features too: pithy quotes from the original book, a summary of the main point of each classic, and recommended books in a similar vein. At the end of each chapter is a short biography of the author. I have already read most of the fifty books, and it was wonderful to have the meat of those books extracted and laid bare. With Toms book in my possession, I can now review one of these classics quickly and easily. Repetition is vital to learning, and yet I often dont re-read books because it is so time-consuming, even though I know I could be helped by a review of the material. Now I can review them without investing a lot of time. Tom clearly didnt choose these fifty books based on popularity.

50 Self-Help Classics

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The pair were reportedly dating as early as last July when, according to a source close to the couple who spoke exclusively to Queerty, they met in AA and were kicked out of the chapter for breaking the no-dating rules. This was around the same time Jackson shaved his head , got a few interesting tattoos and grew a mustache amid his mutual split from Lapka. Speculation that Jackson switched coasts and began dating a younger man in order to start fresh began, and today, our source clears up come misconceptions about Jacksons fiance: Jason Landau is NOT an actor, hes an instructor with The Landmark Forum, a controversial offshoot of EST thats been under investigation many, many times by state and fed govt for cult like activities and ponzi-scheme-like activity. The San Francisco-based Landmark Forum is a self-help educational program created in the 1970s using technology borrowed from the Scientology movement. The expensive 40-hour retreats it hosts around the world have long been described as cult-like practices by journalists, who were falsely promised epiphanies and out of body experiences during two days of meditation. The movement has inspiredpeople to become life coaches, time-management gurus, and productivity bloggers . The Forum was investigated by the Department of Labor in 1996, which deemed it an unethical exploitation of unpaid workers by a for-profit company after discovering it took in nearly $40 million with a staff of 9,000 unpaid volunteers. Landau has allegedly worked for the Forum for close to 10 years. Our source also claims Landau began dating Jackson while he was still married. Reagrdless, the couples Instagram photos certainly show them to be a happy couple.


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