Chorao Gram Sabha Adjourned Again Over Allegations Against Self-help Groups

The meeting chaired by sarpanch Divya Usapkar could not discuss any issue, as members stuck to their demand about the transfer of panchayat secretary Rupesh Halarnkar. The members had demanded his transfer at the previous gram sabha meeting on February 16 for not including a resolution of the women’s self-help group about allegations against them that they are misusing the SHGs forum. After the meeting began, Halarnkar read out the minutes of the previous meeting, stating it was adjourned due to chaos, but members insisted that the transfer demand led to the adjournment. Usapkar called the police after the scene became chaotic.

Mohsin Hamid on fiction, family, TV and self-help

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on the last Friday of every month, has grown to about 17 to 20 members attending “on a good month.” “It depends because MS is an unpredictable illness,” Carmona said. “It depends on how they feel.” Besides getting together to meet, there have been numerous speakers from doctors to hairdressers to people from pharmaceutical companies coming to tell about the latest treatments for MS. The group doesn’t always sit in a room. Sometimes they go on outings, such as to Knoebels Amusement Resort, Elysburg, during the summer or on picnics. While Caroma said that many have a misconstrued idea of what a self-help group is and they don’t psi seminars reviews want to come because they don’t wanna see a person in a wheelchair, she wants them to come because if that might happen to them, they will learn how it is to navigate in a wheelchair. People will also get to learn that “you can live in a wheelchair because your life isn’t over.” “No matter what stage you are in your MS, I don’t want you to be afraid to come to the group, whether you’re walking or have a cane. Just come and learn. Come for the experience.

Multiple sclerosis group searches for sponsor for walk

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Its objective, as it says on the cover, is to show you how to get filthy rich in rising Asia. And to do that it has to find you, huddled, shivering, on the packed earth under your mothers cot one cold, dewy morning. Your anguish is the anguish of a boy whose chocolate has been thrown away, whose remote controls are out of batteries, whose scooter is busted, whose new sneakers have been stolen. This is all the more remarkable since youve never in your life seen any of these things. from How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, by Mohsin Hamid By Maggie Galehouse Mohsin Hamids third novel, just out in paperback, is a scalding, hilarious and tender satire of self-help books.


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