Dale E. Graff To Grace The Cover Of Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine!!

PSI and Meritor: Keeping tire pressure up

If a traumatic event would happen in China, it would create a wave that would encompass the world, the universe, and we all feel the effect of that wave. Dale explained the wave theory in the simplest of terms to me, as I am not, but do wish I was a fellow quantum physicist. One could only dream!! A Hamburg, Pa native, Dale Graff has held quite the illustrious positions throughout his life span, and has made numerous appearances on tv such as A&E and the Discovery Channel, Good Morning America, Good Morning America, CNN, Coast to Coast Radio and Paranormal Science Radio Show, with the last entry hosted by a favorite, The Animal Planets The Haunted, The PPA crew. Mr. Graff also has Dream Seminars where many aspects of Dreams, Remote Viewing, PSI activities.

March Madness

In addition, there was some talk of future product innovations being worked on by Meritor using PSI system components. ( See photos of the tire inflation system ) According to Meritor, PSI has so far sold over 350,000 systems in North America and PSI said it has placed its systems on 500,000 trailers and container chassis in 39 countries worldwide and now holds a 38% market share with OE trailer makers. Meritor announced back in May it will continue to distribute MTIS via renewal of a strategic alliance with PSI. Meritor is the exclusive distributor of new and retrofit MTIS http://psiseminars.blogspot.com/ installation kits and PSI remains responsible for the design and manufacture of the kits, including its ThermAlert system, a high-temperature wheel-end warning system available on all MTIS kits. ( See video from the event ) Frank Sonzala, executive vp of PSI, pointed out that tires remain a fleets number-one maintenance costs and that over 90% of the road gators that litter the highways are due to the under inflation of tires, regardless of whether the tires that failed were new or retreads. He said the problem has always been that https://plus.google.com/110871379613097169555/ checking tire inflation is seen as a time-consuming and dirty task and the gauges used are often inaccurate. And its the trailer tires that are most often the victim of this neglect. Sonzala said that even if tires are properly checked, air loss just via osmosis through the casing will amount to 1 to 4 PSI per month, depending on a given tires inner-liner compound. Then there are tread punctures and sidewall damage that release yet more air over time.


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