Supporting Personal Development In A Learning Organization


How to plan your personal development at college |

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Toyota calls this yokoten. And one of their ground rules is that the person who has learned something new or has discovered a way to improve a practice is responsible for sharing this knowledge. Anders Ivarsson wrote about personal development at Spotify . To provide career opportunities to their employees, Spotify has created add-ons: Add-ons are a way to explore new skills and responsibilities outside your normal role. Instead of looking at career as a ladder where you move from one role to another, it becomes a tag cloud where each tag is a skill or area of responsibility that you can add to your normal role long term or short term.

PDP is also concerned with how we understand, and how we manage our learning. As a process, it rests heavily on the skill of systematic reflection, and it empowers learners to take on their own learning, performance and achievements. The type of planning involved includes personal, educational and career development. Keeping a record of your achievements and progress checking are also important features of the PDP process. When used in the context of academia, PDPs can be used to improve your ability to understand what and how you are learning, and to review, and take responsibility for your own learning. Because personal development planning (PDP) is about creating opportunities to think through your achievements and goals, in a structured way; a PDP will provide you with answers to many questions, including: Why PDP?


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