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How Can You Help? Wish List From Local Nonprofit Organizations, July 20

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at 1220 Mound Ave., Suite 301, until Tuesday, Dec 23. Safe Haven General: Twin-size mattress covers, twin size fitted sheets, pillows, laundry Soap, dish soap, scrubbing pads, brooms, mops, floor cleaner, tall white kitchen bags, black garbage bags, energy-saving light bulbs, backpacks, spiral notebooks, pens, folders, gift cards to fast food restaurants and retail stores, alarm clocks, AA, AAA, C, D batteries, weight scale, toilet paper, paper towel, pads/tampons, shaving cream, perfume, cologne, women/mens shavers, full-size shampoo and conditioners, deodorant, and combs and brushes, T-shirts, socks, underwear, sports bras, flashlights, lip balm, Lysol, toothpaste, toothbrushes, styling hair products, hand sanitizer and hand soap. Youth shelter: Journal notebooks, Wii games (age appropriate 10-17), school supplies Silverware Volunteer Registered Nurses to complete health assessments self development seminars Contact Pamala Handrow at 262-637-9559, ext. 7100, to set up an appointment or email Foundations of Life Foundations of Lifes mission is to improve the structure of daily living among parenting teens and young adults. Foundations of Life empowers these young individuals throughout the city of Racine by providing in-home visitation and community based intervention and programming. Foundation of Lifes ultimate mission is to empower by developing assets of healthy living, healthy families, and delaying subsequent teen pregnancies. Foundations of Life is located at 835 Wisconsin Ave., Racine, WI 53403.

Team Report – SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS – Yahoo Sports

Tremendous job by our team. Lot of contributions, and I appreciate that one, when the guys volunteer to make the team better,” Harbaugh said. With the free-agent departure of veteran Jonathan Goodwin , the 49ers have a pretty sizable hole at center where he conducted one of the league’s best offensive lines over the last three seasons. Getting first-team reps has been Daniel Kilgore , who will be competing with rookie third-round pick Marcus Martin for the starting job. “Kilgore was real good. Marcus Martin’s got a chance to be real good, too.

J & G Seamless Gutters

The day the class buried it was one of Mitchells favorite days at Rose Hill. It was a spring day, upper 60s, Mitchell said. There were around 150 kids there at that time. It was just a really nice day. The former students and teachers began searching for the time capsule with shovels and pick axes. Martin said that the ground was tougher than it seemed, however, and they were hitting quiet a few rocks and cement.


Dear Utilities, Change Or Get Dumped – Forbes

Source: Paul Cross,

Philip Lewis of globalenergythink-tank VassaETT , who has researched the subject for years. His findings show that customers want to be in control of theirenergybehavior. They want market transparency and predictable rewards for their choices. The bottom line, says Lewis, is that customers want to feel like equals with their electricity suppliers , not captives. Source: Paul Cross, A recent Accenture study maintains that the issue of customer choice is at the heart of the changing utility landscape. In an ever-evolving energy marketplace, consumers value personal connections and are interested in buying products and services that align with their lifestyles. Utilities, for their part, have long been able to ignore these qualitative concerns, but its increasingly clear that they must refocus their attention on serving this new breed of customer if they want to remain in the picture. How can utilities deliver?

Is Your Voice a Business Asset or a Liability? – Yahoo Finance

Entrepreneurs should be concerned by voices that arerough, raspy, weak, strained or breathy. Listeners consider these qualitiesunappealing and they may have an adverse effect. Related: Your Tone of Voice Can Boost or Bruise Your Personal Brand Some argue that in the age of social media, face-to-face interaction is less critical view website PSI Seminars and thesound of a voiceless important. But the reality is that social media and other Internet-based applications are merely tools that may be ultimately leveraged for the purpose of arrangingface-to-face or telephone meetings. Nothing will replace face-to-face,” Joyce McKee , CEO of Lets Talk Trade Shows, contended in a 2012 publication of Meeting Professionals International.”Yes, social media can augment it but dots are connected on the trade show floor. Inspiration is born on the trade show floor. Given that so much entrepreneurial energy is spent communicating on the phone or face-to-face, it seems logical that entrepreneurs spend an appropriate amount of time to analyze their voice.

Governor Lepage: Maine’s Growth In Personal Earnings Is A Sign Of Improving Economy – Top News –

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) claims the other five New England states saw higher personal income growth than Maine , but that growth was driven by an increase in welfare benefits, especially in the form of Medicaid expansion. The BEA conceals welfare benefits by calling them “Personal Current Transfer Receipts.” These “Transfer Receipts” include: all the way down to Democratic leadership in Augusta believe that redistribution of wealth–taking money from hard-working taxpayers and giving it to a growing number of welfare recipients–is personal income. It’s not. It’s just more welfare expansion. Democrats can obfuscate the numbers any way they want. The fact is that we have created thousands of jobs, more Mainers are working, and their income is going up.” On Tuesday, the U.S.

Laura Govan prepping family focused reality TV |

Laura and her sister, who also starred on Basketball Wives, have a more family oriented show in the works. Its going to be family based. I have nine brothers and sisters. So, it will be a lot going on with myself and my family, my parents, our significant others. It will be very interesting! Laura told With four children and a relationship with an NBA veteran, Lauras new show will likely have plenty for fans to watch, and they might learn a little something about fitness, too.

True Course Helps with Personal Development by Offering Learning Guide and Life Coaching for Living Without Regret

Michael Godfrey, DMin, PhD, PCC , President and CEO of True Course . Regret is one of the silent killers of happiness, health and success. It can poison relationships, sap energy and harm careers. Without Regret exposes the damage that company website PSI Seminars regret can cause and reveals how people can be free from it forever. “July view website PSI Seminars is the perfect time to declare that regret will no longer limit freedom and the pursuit of happiness,” says Godfrey. Godfrey’s research and coaching with highly successful professionals, clergy, and leaders led to his discovery of the power of regretaand key tools to eliminate it. Without Regret, published by Thomas Noble Books, offers readers the opportunity to change the course of their lives by eliminating past regret and avoiding regret in the future.